Become a Certified « Speedy Coach&Joue Ta Vie® Facilitator »

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 6.38.41 PMLearn to master the French Way To Happiness with the American’Touch

  • When? April 6-7-8, 2018
  • Where? Los Angeles (CA)
  • Who Can Attend? Great for individuals, teachers, life and business coaches, trainers, therapists, psychologists, counselors, consultants, managers and HR professionals.

Train yourself to deliver Speedy Coaching with the game “Joue Ta Vie®” (Play Your Life) – A Revolutionary French method inspired in California that is booming in Europe. Even media are talking about it! Definitely a great opportunity for practitioner / coaches / therapists / curious minds to expand their toolbox.

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3-days training of inspiration, experiment and creation designed for you by Fatima, author of Joue Ta Vie® and inventor of Speedy Coaching, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), expert in self-knowledge and change leadership.


Covering positive psychology, behavioral change and the French Way To Happiness (FWTH)

At the end of the training you will be able to:
  • Master the Happy Life Cycle
  • Master the applications of the game Joue Ta Vie® (individual and group sessions)
  • Coach individuals (8+) in every context (corporates, schools….)
  • Offer a safe platform to reconnect people to themselves and their loved ones
  • Inspire, motivate and engage by giving a sense of purpose: an horizon
  • Lead organizational transformation and change management
  • Develop “ethical leadership” by highlighting people’s Strengths&Virtues (positive psychology)
  • Improve interpersonal skills, team cohesion and team performance
  • Empower people to be their best and live their best life
  • Build resilience and ability to be happy
  • Facilitate and accelerate positive behavioral change
  • Open hearts, reduce stress and improve wellbeing

…. In 50 Minutes Flat !


 Applications with 1 game + 1 mat (Professional Kit included in the training fees):

  1. Self-coaching and peer supervision
  2. Individual coaching (One-on-one session)
  3. Playshop « Game Of Roles» (For group coaching, mediation, couple and family therapy, team building and soft skills development)
  4. Speedy Follow up
  5. Healing Bonus: identify and define the « Happy Equation » (To preserve life balance, anticipate burn out, evaluate level of happiness and give a sense of purpose)
3-DAYS TRAINING PROGRAM and One Mantra: Life’s a Game. Play your life!

Day-1: Behing The Game

  • Introduction to positive psychology and the French Way To Happiness (FWTH)
  • The Secret of Fatima: Discover the Story Of Life, the 5 levels of consciousness and your mission
  • The Vision: Discover humanity’s future and the new concept of Happytalism
  • The Spirit of the game: Joy vs Fear– discover how to create individual and collective abundance with the power of Joy
  • Discover your Speedy Coaching Game Kit: 5 tools to happiness
  • Learn about the fundamentals of Speedy Coaching: A powerful blend of NLP, Non-Violent communication, systemic, therapy, positive psychology….
  • Let the magic happen: The Tarot Pack, the power of words (Emotions – Needs – Strengths&Virtues), and synchronicity
  • Practical exercises

 Day-2: Behind The Self

  • Traditional Coaching vs Speedy Coaching
  • Traditional Coach vs Speedy Coach
  • Master the Happy Life Cycle process : 5 steps to Happiness
  • Serious game, simple, universal and complete: Educational game – Healing game- Action game
  • Learn more about the last discoveries in science of happiness and neuro-sciences
  • The virtuous circle of Speedy Coaching
  • Practical exercise featuring special guests with instructors’ evaluation on site (for certification)

 Day-3: And after?…

  • Case studies – One year and half of results: Corporates, individuals, schools, NGO…
  • Children and the game
  • Benefits, limits and risks
  • Written exam (pre-requisite for the certification)
  • The ethic
  • The licence
  • The worldwide community

Co-Instructor and Representative in South California

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Pierre-Etienne Vannier, Mind-Body Practitioner / Partnership & Program Development Specialist.

I am committed to building more resilient communities where people can free themselves from distress & suffering and renew their desire to live a fulfilling life. I teach self-managed, mind-based and body-oriented techniques that are safe, effective, and non-pharmacological. I help individuals and organizations be more focused and overcome challenges with calm and confidence.

Pierre-Etienne is very humble and will never over-promote himself, so I will do it! Pierre-Etienne’s biggest strength consist in being « Altruistic ». In fact, he has been dedicating his entire life to the sake of others from private entities like Huntington Hospital Cancer Center to big non-profit organizations like the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) that works in nearly 170 countries and territories, helping to achieve the eradication of poverty, and the reduction of inequalities and exclusion.

Pierre-Etienne is fluent in French, English, Spanish and Arabic, has lived on several continents, and has spent most of his professional life working in social development and trauma recovery in the Arab region. I’m honored and blessed because I couldn’t find a better partner to develop in the United States « Joue Ta Vie, The Game that cares for you ».

  • Regular Training Fees: $ 2.550
  • 1st Training in the USA – Pioneer with us and enjoy a special discount!
  • Limited Offer: $ 1.550 instead of $ 2.550
  • Limited spots: 10 persons
  • Included: 3-days in person training with two instructors (Fatima comes from France), 1 professional Speedy Coaching Kit (1 game + 1 mat), the certification covering one month of supervision, the access to the worldwide community of Speedy Coachs, and the licence.

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Next Training: April 6-7-8, 2018 in Los Angeles

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