Hayden Lee ACC, Certified Life Coach & Career Coach

“It’s a fun and casual game that helped me get to the core of what was holding me back in taking some actions that I knew I should take, but I felt stuck. It’s thought-provoking yet casual and light-hearted. It inspired me to take action the next day and I’m moving forward toward my goals. All of this took about 15 minutes! I look forward to having the game handy the next time I want to gain clarity on a next step and engage in some great conversation with friends.”

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Ms Rohini David, Principle of Flintridge Montessori School

“The game is very eye-opening. It’s a rewarding experience. Thanks to the game, I want to create a fun and happier environment for my staff.”

Teachers of Flintridge Montessori School

“It’s a very useful product. I feel more knowledgeable.”

“It made me think about things that in general I don’t take time to think about.”

“I learned more about myself.”

“I feel in place, confident and resourceful.”

“I feel fantastic. I was able to revalidate my feelings and my thoughts about the place where I work.”


Max Sucee, Healthy Living Coach at the YMCA Foothills

“The game enabled me to identify underlying personality traits in a fun and non-threatening manner, and then begin a process of self-discovery focusing on best utilizing those traits as assets to obtain a higher sense of self.”


Leah Diaz, Clarity Counselor

« This game allowed me to think deeply about, and remain present to my issues, and realize the answers are written within! The game is an undeniable help for my inner counselor! »