Petit Coach, keep calm! We are here to answer all your questions and if you don’t find yours, please email us: fatima@jouetavie.com


At step 1 of the game, which kind of situation can I explore with this speed coaching game?

All kind of situations of your current life: personal, professional, academic, sexual,  spiritual… Here are some examples of the kind of possible Focus:

  • Address the problem I have with my colleague.
  • I wish I could better advertise my services and make more money.
  • What I want to do after college…

At step of the game, do I need to insist for the coachee to be brief and precise?

Keep it simple and trust the process. What’s important will comes up in a way or another…

I don’t have any problems. Can I play?

Yes you can! Happy and successful people have the right to play too. Actually, we often forget that happy people are tremendously resourceful. So please, share a little bit of your success and/or happiness with the rest of the world just by playing this speed coaching game!

At steps 2-3 and 4 of the game, do the coachee needs to look every single cards?

Well, it’s better in order to allow the coachee to process. Yet sometimes coachees are too analytical and/or too slow. So here’s a tip: change their habit by mixing the cards and letting them choose randomly. Be playful!

Are the 3 feelings, 3 needs or 3 strengths & virtues necessarily on the same card?

Absolutely not. Most of the time the coachee will choose 3 cards for each deck.

What about if the coachee wants to choose more than 3 cards for each deck? Let’s say 4.

It’s not really a big deal but we recommend players respect the rules. Especially beginners 😉

What about if we exceeded the timing? Shall we stop?

Please don’t! This only means that next time you’ll need to better master the timer.

I wonder if the coachee can take negative or dangerous actions?

It’s impossible because it’s « the game that cares for you »! This game is based on positive psychology and only reveals the best part of each player. Their Best and Higher Self.

If someone wants to borrow my game? What am I supposed to do?

It’s up to you! Many Petit Coach lend their game. It’s a nice way to promote this revolutionary practice and to do the sake around you.

What about if during the game the coachee takes an important decision and I feel uncomfortable with that?

Only the coachee knows what’s best for himself. Trust him. Support him. And remember: keep calm! Life is a game 🙂