THE FRENCH WAY TO HAPPINESS: 5 steps to happiness, in 50 minutes flat with a game!

LOGO ENG CMJN.jpgThe French Way To Happiness is a brand new way to practice coaching and to facilitate personal and organizational growth, happiness and wellbeing, in the most fastest and effective way ever: 50 minutes flat!

All you need is a game, actually a speed coaching game: « Joue Ta Vie® The game that cares for you! »

ELEMENTS-19.jpgThe French Way to Happiness is a revolutionary process based on a HAPPY LIFE CYCLE inspired in California in 2015, that is booming in France since it went live in September 2016. And, now it’s coming to the US. So get ready for miracles!



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The game and the process have been created by Fatima Medjoubi-Ter, PCC both, in France and in the US.

« I came up with this playful idea not only for the world who clearly deserves to be happier, but because French people need happiness more than ever! My mantra is #changetheworldnow ».

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Joue Ta Vie has been selected by the scientific committee of the French Society of Psychology as an « innovative process in positive psychology », and officially presented at the annual congress in September 2018.


ELEMENTS-12In fact, Joue Ta Vie is a playful application of Positive Psychology: the power of gratitude, positive emotions and positive relationships, the flow, the meaning, and accomplishment through actions and experiments, all the main concepts are in it!


The translation of Joue Ta Vie in english is « Play Your Life ».

Joue Ta Vie is the perfect synthesis of both, the best of North-American Culture (Doing) and the best of European Culture (being).

“To be is to do”—Socrates.
“To do is to be”—Jean-Paul Sartre.
“Do be do be do”—Frank Sinatra.

Applications are endless: individual sessions, workshops, team building, mediation, group support, supervision ….

Why is it different from regular coaching?

A regular one-on-one coaching session lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. Usually it takes 5 to 10 sessions to achieve a goal or solve a problem. With Joue Ta Vie an individual session lasts 50 minutes only, and it is life changing in 99% cases. It’s magic!

According to Sophie Berjot, Ph.D at University of Reims – «The Game Joue Ta Vie is one of the most recent healing and educational innovation in the field of psychology».

In fact, the French HAPPY LIFE CYCLE is a powerful blend with a touch of magic. The best practices are concentrated in it:  Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs, Mindfulness, Non-violent Communication, Transactional Analysis, Systemic Therapy, NLP, Generative Coaching, Positive Psychology…

How it works?

Simple and bold at the same time, the process is game based.

The game kit comes with 5 tools using the power of wording to encourage self-exploration, positive behaviors and growth. For example with the 3 deck of cards players activate both sides of the brain, by-pass logic, and allow to quickly touch what’s really essential.

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Who Can Benefit From it?

Great for individuals, children 8+, parents, professionals and organizations.

Teachers, life and business coaches, trainers, therapists, psychologists, counselors, consultants, HR professionals, managers, group leaders use the speed coaching game to facilitate awareness and action, insights and growth.

It is a powerful tool for self-discovery, team building and « ethical leadership » development, as well as at social gatherings.

Played individually, one-on-one, by small and large groups, it can be easily adapted to every audience, objective and theme. And it’s fun!

Our Community is Your Community

We already have built a community of Joue Ta Vie Certified Coaches&Facilitators in France, Belgium and Switzerland. We are now willing and excited to move forward spreading the word of the French Way To Happiness around the world with Joue Ta Vie!

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Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 6.35.20 PMGet « Joue Ta Vie certified » and pioneer in the science of happiness !

First training and certification program will be held in person in Washington D.C. and in Los Angeles in 2019, or online whenever you want. Contact us:

Media are talking about it…

Personal benefits positively impact the whole community!

Ideal to develop social and soft skills ; speaking, writing and reading skills. I encourage parents, teachers and social community to integrate this game in their daily activities and in support of their social and educational programs (For example: PBIS). By playing children and teens (adults too) can easily embody positive behaviors, learn how to express their emotions, identify their needs and successfully navigate throughout life’s journey. This effective tool gives every child and every adult the possibility to free their great potential, quickly build confidence to achieve their goals, and develop « ethical leadership » based on their human super-powers. Last but not least, being together in the real world gives children, teenagers and adults the opportunity to -connect-, foster relationships and belonging.

Happiness with a French Touch!