Play Your Life:The Speed Coaching Game

A French innovation created in California by Fatima Medjoubi-Ter

Meet Fatima Medjoubi-Ter – PCC. Author. Inventor. Entrepreneur.

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Fatima Medjoubi-Ter is a an open communicator, with an incredible story. As the inventor of the Speed Coaching Game « Play Your Life » and the « Happy Life Cycle Process », she is a French pioneer in the fields of education, therapy, and consulting. Grounded in the revolutionary Positive Psychology movement, Fatima ingeniously combines the French focus on “being” with the American art of “doing”. Her revolutionary game and process were born in California in 2015. Officially launched in France in September 2016, it has been met with instant and growing success. In September 2018, her innovation has been presented as an « innovative process in positive psychology » at the annual congress French Society of Psychology. As a visionary leader, Fatima recognized in California, a unique opportunity to empower people and renew the coaching practice through interactive play.

A proponent of solutions-based coaching, Fatima first studied Political Sciences. She is expert in brief therapies, Professional Certified Coach through the Ecole Francaise of Coaching, and Essential Life Coach through the ICF approved Essential Life Coach Training Academy and is Life Forward certified through the Hudson Institute of Coaching. Fatima speaks four languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian and resides with her family in Washington DC, and is currently working on her next visionary project as part of her concept: The CoachingBar®.

Play Your Life: The Speed Coaching Game – Professional Tool – Best seller since 2016

Play Your Life: The Self-Coaching Book


After the success of her coaching game, Fatima was asked to write a self-coaching book – which she promptly did! In September 2019, her book was published in France by Eyrolles, a famous publisher. It’s available today in book stores and on Amazon. It only took her 3 years to achieve her dream and turn her playful concept into a successful brand.

1 game, 5 steps in 50 minutes flat

« Play Your Life »- is a revolutionary tool to practice coaching, and to facilitate personal and organizational growth toward happiness and success, in the  fastest and effective way ever: 50 minutes flat! All you need is to trust the « Happy Life Cycle Process » and a game, actually a Speed Coaching Game – « Joue Ta Vie, the game that cares for you! » – suitable for adults and children (8+).

« Play your life » means : being actor of one’s life and willing to take a risk. Playing small doesn’t serve anybody. In fact, not taking a risk is the biggest risk we can take.

This original and playful approach is simultaneously fast, powerful and deeply meaningful. The actual version of the game and the process comes in English and French.

The Fundamentals of Happiness and Success


Play Your life – is a playful application of Positive Psychology with a twist of western philosophy: it includes many fundamental concepts like the power of gratitude, positive emotions and positive relationships, flow, meaning, and accomplishment and uses them all through actions and experiments. The Happy Life cycle is a powerful model that also includes a touch of magic. The best practices are concentrated in it: Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Non-violent Communication, Transactional Analysis, Systemic Therapy, NLP, Generative Coaching, Positive Psychology and Neurosciences.

Applications are endless: individual sessions, workshops, speed team building, mediation, group support, supervision ….

What does it look like and how it works?

Simple and bold at the same time, the process is game based.

The professional game kit comes with 5 tools which use the power of wording to encourage self-exploration, positive behaviors and growth. For example, with the help of the three decks of cards, players activate both sides of the brain, by-pass logic, and quickly get to what’s really essential.

Who Can Benefit From it?

Great for individuals, children 8+, parents, professionals and organizations.

Teachers, life and business coaches, trainers, therapists, psychologists, counselors, consultants, HR professionals, managers, group leaders use the speed coaching game to facilitate awareness and action, insights and growth.

It is a powerful tool for self-discovery, team building and « ethical leadership » development, as well as at social gatherings.

Played individually, one-on-one, by small and large groups, it can be easily adapted to every audience, objective and theme. The kicker? It’s fun!

Corporates, Federal Agencies…

Play Your Life At Work

Individuals (adults, children 8 +), Schools, Social Institutions…

Play Your Life At School

What Are The Benefits?

Ideal to anchor children foundations (self-awareness) : self-esteem, self-image, self-confidence and self-love. It develops social awareness and skills ; self-management ; responsible decision-making ; speaking, writing and reading skills. It also improves student-to-student relationships and student-to-teacher relationships. Fatima encourages parents, teachers and social community to integrate this educational tool in their daily activities and in support of their social and educational programs (For example: PBIS or SEL competencies). Her vision of happiness and success is systemic : Happy and Successful Family (love) → Happy and Successful Student (learn) → Happy and Successful Worker (work) → Happy and Successful Contributor (give). By playing children, teens, and adults can easily embody positive behaviors, learn how to express their emotions, identify their needs, and successfully navigate throughout life’s journey at home, at school, at work, and in their community.

This effective tool gives every child and every adult the possibility to free their great potential, surrender their fear of light, happiness and success, learn form their failure, build resiliency, give a sense to their actions, a direction, quickly build confidence to achieve their goals, develop « ethical and visionary leadership » based on their strengths & virtues, and become an active contribution to the world. Continual improvement, perseverance and resiliency are the key to happiness and success. With a playful process, we make it easy and accessible. Last but not least, being together in the real world gives children, teenagers and adults the opportunity to -connect-, foster relationships and belonging.

Results* observed after a one-on-one session with the game of Fatima:

  • 98% of participants make quick good sound decisions, take concret actions and experiment new behaviors;
  • 86% of participants feel more motivated and engaged;
  • 93% of participants find a sense of purpose, are happier and feel positive emotions;
  • 53% of participants understand better life and human nature;
  • 70% of participants have a more positive vision of coaching and self-development;
  • 99% of participants are satisfied with the results and willing to renew the experience;
  • 99,9% of participants recommend it;
  • 97% of participants are –in the flow– totally absorbed, they spontaneously say it is powerful, life changing, efficient, immediately rewarding and most of all « time saver »!

*Results communicated at the French Congress of Positive Psychology in 2019. Study issued by JM’G Consulting on 182 participants.

Coaching & Consulting

Delivering International Coaching, Training, Sustainable Happiness and Success.

Fatima Medjoubi-Ter leads trainings for coaches, teachers, social workers, managers, counselors and consultants who utilize her tool and method with their clients, employees and students. She already have built a community in Europe. She is now willing and excited to move forward spreading the word of the French Way To Happiness and Success in the USA. She is on a mission to facilitate high-level performance and your ascension to heaven through her speed coaching process. Her ability to connect with both an audience and on a one-on-one level, coupled with her international knowledge and experience, allow her to deliver insight and guidance from a credible platform.

She also delivers coaching and consulting for corporates and federal agencies, producing long lasting results:

  • One on one coaching
  • Speed Team Building
  • Visionary & Ethical Leadership
  • Career Ascension
  • Risk Taking
  • 360° Wellbeing
  • Talent Management & Mad Skilled People
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Cross Cultural Awareness
  • Creating High Performance
  • Problem solving
  • Mediation

Life is sporty and speed is life. Saving time is the highest return on investment we might seek for before buying a product or a service, because we only have one life and we should enjoy it before the end comes.

Fatima Medjoubi-Ter is uniquely qualified in the fundamentals of performing and winning under pressure, reducing errors and overcoming obstacles faster. Her mastery of time and her vision of what is coming –a new world « happytalist » happy and conscious- can help you, and your team triumph in this high-risk, constant changing world.

Fatima will not only inspire your team, but will share her knowledge and her powerful tool to kick off your project, implement realistic strategies that can generate sustainable happiness and success.



– Hayden Lee Master Certified Coach | Executive Coach | Leadership Coach | Life Coach | Enneagram Practitioner & Trainer, Los Angeles (CA)–

It’s a fun and casual game that helped me get to the core of what was holding me back in taking some actions that I knew I should take, but I felt stuck. It’s thought-provoking yet casual and light-hearted. It inspired me to take action the next day and I’m moving forward toward my goals. I look forward to having the game handy the next time I want to gain clarity on a next step and engage in some great conversation with friends.

Ms Rohini David, Principle of Flintridge Montessori School, La Canada (CA) – 

The game of Fatima is very eye-opening. It’s a rewarding experience. Thanks to the workshop, I want to create a fun and happier environment for my staff.

Teachers at Flintridge Montessori School, La Canada (CA) 

It’s a very useful product. I feel more knowledgeable (…) It made me think about things that in general I don’t take time to think about (…) I learned more about myself (…) I feel in place, confident and resourceful (…) I feel fantastic. I was able to revalidate my feelings and my thoughts about the place where I work

Max Sucee, Healthy Living Coach at the YMCA Foothills (CA) 

The game of Fatima enabled me to identify underlying personality traits in a fun and non-threatening manner, and then begin a process of self-discovery focusing on best utilizing those traits as assets to obtain a higher sense of self.

– Leah Diaz, Clarity Counselor, Glendale (CA) 

Processing with the game of Fatima allowed me to think deeply about, and remain present to my issues, and realize the answers are written within! This game is an undeniable help for my inner counselor!

– Heinz Mikulka, CEO Paule Attar Salon and SPA, Bellevue (WA) 

This game could be used commercially and would be helpful, as a tool for HR departments of some companies to gauge the aptitude of employment applicants at the interviewing phase.

– Florence Sarret, Capability builder, Innovation seeker, Change catalyst, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Geneva (Switzerland) – 

We played at the conference organized by CHS Alliance at Antwerp with some curious colleagues who wanted to experiment a new speed coaching game. As ever Fatima Medjoubi-Ter the game you created was such a marvelous tool to help people address their challenges « without thinking too deeply and being authentic ».

– Marco Avila, Global Manager HR Business Partnering Unit at International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Geneva (Switzerland) – 

Excellent tool for coaches to bring up and discuss challenges in a safe and playful environment.